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These policies are intended to provide standards for the management of workplace issues that cross all entities of UConn Health. Policies may be accessed through the alphabetical listing or through the index within each specific area. Please note that the specific areas for John Dempsey Hospital and UConn Medical Group are further divided into their respective administrative and clinical policies. Clicking on these links will direct you to the appropriate policies within these two domains of UConn Health. Hard copies of policies are available in the Executive Vice President for Health Affairs Office, the UConn Health Library and the Human Resources Department.

Organizational charts may be accessed in the Outlook public folders under “Human Resources.”

The Committee Policy Manual has been approved by the UConn Health Executive Policy Committee and endorsed by the Executive Vice President for Health Affairs. Compliance with these policies is mandatory, yet the language is not intended to constitute a contract with employees. Violation of these policies may be cause for discipline. While every effort has been made to address the many related issues and ensure the accuracy of the manual, it is recognized that it may not be all-inclusive and does not constitute a legal document or contract. Management will continually revise these policies and communicate changes through normal channels. Advance notice may not always be possible. UConn Health reserves the right to manage UConn Health issues that may or may not be addressed in this manual.

Important Policy Changes


Policy number 2003-39 previously titled “Alcohol Abuse and Drug-Free Workplace,” has been significantly revised. Revised portions of this policy are now published as a new policy number 2015-10 “Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Act and Drug-Free Workplace Act.” The original policy section entitled “Guidelines for Assessing the Impaired Employee in the Workplace” is now posted as a standalone policy under the original title and will remain number 2003-39. Future revisions to this policy are also expected and will be posted when finalized. You may contact Michelle Mendocha at 860-679-4177 in the Office of Audit, Compliance and Ethics with any questions about these policies.


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